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Sunday, April 08, 2007


dear friends,

this blog will be closed down and moved to my wordpress blog...I thank you for your support...thank you.

Remaining In Him

Peter O

Monday, January 08, 2007

New York City Asian American Ministry Speaker Series Launches in January!

New York City Asian American Ministry Speaker Series Laucnes in January!

Pastoral and Laity Ministries and Chinese Christian Herald Crusades Herald Youth Center are proud to present a Speakers Series called ENGAGE ((English-speaking Asian American Group Exchange): The Asian American Ministry Speaker Series will launch it first season in Spring 2007. This monthly series hopes to build, equip, assist and rebuild lay leaders who serve Asian American churches. The first series will focus on Asian American Youth Ministry and the implications for leadership and developing discipleship. We hope that you join us as we fellowship and hear from some of ministry practitioners.

The first Speaker Series will be held at 7 p.m. at the Chinese Christian Herald Crusades (CCHC) Flushing Herald Center, 39-07 Prince St., Unit 4J, Flushing, NY 11354.

Date: Wednesday, January 17, 2007 at 7 p.m.

Where: Chinese Christian Herald Crusades (CCHC) Flushing Herald Center, 39-07 Prince St., Unit 4J, Flushing, NY 11354.

There are municipal parking lots available and street parking. It is easily accessible by the 7 train to Main Street and car.

Municipal Parking:
Closest: Prince St/Main St and 39th Ave/38th Ave

(quarter for each 10 mins till 10 pm)
Farther: Between 39th / 37th Aves and 138th St/Union St.
Parking Lot on: 39th ave between Prince St and Main St. (Sheraton Parking)

For driving directions click here

It is easily accessible by the 7 train to Main Street and car. If there are any questions please feel free to call Peter Ong at 917-359-2021 or Ellen Hwang at 212-334-2033 x1603. All participants will receive a free copy of L2 Foundation’s Asian American Youth Ministry, edited by DJ Chuang. For each Speaking Series, dinner will be provided.

Please email to confirm your attendance and participation.

January 17th, 2007:

Incarnational Ministry for Asian Youth

Presented by Brian Hall, Area Director of Asian Younglife

Brian is the founder and area director of Asian Young Life in northern New Jersey, a Christian organization committed to making a difference in the lives of Asian American teenagers, especially the unchurched (see He is also a high school social studies teacher at the Academies @ Englewood in Englewood, NJ, where he teaches World Studies, Sociology, and Chinese and advises the school's Ultimate Frisbee Club and the East Asian Club/LiNK. Brian holds a Ph.D. degree in sociology from Rutgers University, where for his dissertation he studied the growth of Christianity among Chinese American college students. During the 2002-03 school year he was a Fulbright Junior Scholar in Taiwan, where he studied Chinese language at National Taiwan University in Taipei. He has written several published articles, including a chapter in the book Asian American Youth Ministry, published by the L2 Foundation. In his spare time, Brian enjoys mountain biking and watching the TV show 24.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Grasping Hunger

"If you remove the yoke from your midst, the pointing of the finger and speaking wickedness, and if you give yourself to the hungry and satisfy the desire of the afflicted, then your light will rise in darkness and your gloom with become like midday and the Lord will continually guide you and satisfy your desire in scorched places…. It’s not a coincidence that in the scriptures, poverty is mentioned more than 2,100 times. It’s not an accident. That’s a lot of air time, 2,100 mentions. (You know, the only time Christ is judgmental is on the subject of the poor.) ‘As you have done it unto the least of these my brethren, you have done it unto me’ (Matthew 25:40). As I say, good news to the poor…. "-Bono

There is a whisper that haunts me. Those are the fading pulses of lives who are fading into mortality as I write this (Every 3.6 seconds another person dies of starvation and the large majority are children under the age of 5. Source UN Millennium Project ). I am haunted by these faces and these bodies which are rendered to another mass grave. But what haunts me is how the Lord will respond to our denial of these who hunger. What will we present to Him? Our pews, our buildings, our full parking lots, our large fellowship halls, or our multiple services? But what will He say when He asks if we have lightened the yoke of the poor? In James 1:27 it is said, “Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world.” Have we really turned our hearts toward what God says about poverty and our role to welcome the stranger...I am asking this because it is a question I pose to myself...what am I doing and praying all that I can to deal with this monumental issue? Yet, I say to God, to prepare my heart to do what You want for this life of ours to move in a direction of that is filled with compassion and depth...not religious speak that is abusive of its bullied power or flaunts its righteousness that borders on exhibitionism. But what if we were a nation that were more like Jesus...welcoming the outcasts, healing the broken, and reflecting the love that defines our identity in Him. Not out of pride but of humility that in the midst of all our filth, he wraps us in a gown of praise...that radiates such majestic mercy and grace. But for now, I am faced with the person in the mirror and I am going to have to spend some sincere time in looking in my own spiritual distress...and come before God to ask for forgiveness and for unveiling my eyes to the hope that lies before this tattered road of the road to heart burns...

I was able to meet with some pastors to discuss the project and we are moving ahead with the hope that the project can raise the necessary funds. I am having conversations with several leading and emerging Asian American leaders in New York City for this project. There is a workable plan for a teaching series and a fellowship group meeting for leadership. I am still working on a plan to work merging some ministries to unified towards impacting New York City Asian American communities. Please pray for provision and praise God for the support that is coming in.

It was a success in many ways and posed some tangled moments of admonishment but overall we raised $4,000 for World Vision and Bread and Water. You can read a more in-depth update at my xanga entry here. Please pray for the future of this movement and for the committee members to be given courage and vision for the next steps of this ministry.

Once again the season has begun and I am getting invitations to speak at churches, outreach events, college fellowships and retreats. Here are the venues as of now...

New York University
I will be speaking there on "Truth or Fiction: Is This it?" I will speaking on the contrasts of cheap discipleship versus sacrificial discipleship, communities of faith and the purpose of our faith...I hope to engage the students to take a closer look at their faith journey and to give permission for mutual oversight.

Bergen Church of New Jersey
I was invited to speak to their youth for their winter conference. They are getting me the theme and the issues that they would like to address in my talks. I am excited because I will have some quality time with my mentor John Ng who is the speaker for the adult track of the conference.

Reformed Church of Newtown
I am speaking at a youth outreach/bubble tea event. I will be speaking from John 4 and speaking on the theme of "Thirsty?" This event is picking up momentum among the youth in New York City.

Binghamton Intervarsity
I have been invited to speak for the Spring 2007 kickoff evangelistic meeting. I am excited that I have an opportunity to speak to a group of students who are working out some of the most important questions about faith and love.

Penn State (Asian American Christian Fellowship)
I am speaking here for a fellowship meeting and an outreach for the Asian American Christian Fellowship.

Long Island Abundant Life Church
I will speak at their Spring conference for youth track. I will be speaking on the theme of Lordship and Sacrifice.

Cornell Navigators
There is something in the works to do a joint fellowship meeting where I will speak as an outreach or a unity event.

I have been working with some possibilities of going on a national ministry to develop a vision for Asian American youth. I am looking for partnership with some musicians and artists to pray and to seek God's guidance in this movement.

Cornell Grace Christian Fellowship
I had a meeting this past week with the President and with potential part-time staff to discuss the direction of the fellowship. It was a good time of reflecting and looking ahead. Pray for provision for funding for the part-time staff so that she can serve with freedom.

Chinese Christian Herald Crusades
I have been assisting one week out of the month to serve at the Herald Youth Center. It has been a fruitful time as I have been able to assist in training for their Bridge in the Gap mentorship outreach program. I was so blessed by the partnership of brothers and sisters who are willing to serve together to reach Chinese youth in the community. Pray for a staff person to replace the two that have resigned. CCHC just purchased a significant property in Queens that cost $3 million. I am asked to help in developing a fundraising plan. Pray for provision and for guidance to move forward with what God wants to do with the new project.

Thank you for your prayers regarding my teeth, I had some scaling and deep cleaning and the hygienist commented that I am on the road to recovery from periodontal disease. I will have some tooth extraction in the upcoming months but it looks like the worst is behind us.

Jamie and I are on the home stretch as she will graduate in May 2007 and have an internship possibilities in D.C. or Geneva. Pray for direction on what are the next steps for us. We are planning on going back to New York City. It is an exciting time for our marriage as we are seeking to see what the next season, it has been a great first year and now with our second year, we are being challenged about our love for each other and for God...Pray that we grow in matters that are true to God and to ourselves.

Thanks for reading and I appreciate your support and encouragement.

To Financially Support the ministry please send checks (make payable to PaLM) to:PaLM48-19 196th StreetFresh Meadows, New York11365-1316please mark memo: Asian American Laity Ministries. All donations are tax-deductible.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Parallel Parking

Hey family, I have been on a hiatus lately due to my trip to New York City and when I returned home, I got sick...thank you for your e-mails and words of encouragement. I didn't realize that these updates mean so much to you guys and thank you for your patience and your time! Get ready for an update...

Coming Home: Parallelling between destinations
I was in New York City for a week to start my monthly ministry with the Herald Youth Center and with the Chinese Christian Herald Crusades. It was the longest time that I have been apart from Jamie and in some ways it was very difficult but also finding that in the absence there is intimacy. Each night when we prayed or spoke about our days, there was a deeper affection and support for one another. We have a chance to share and enter into the promise that God has a plan and purpose for us during this new season of our lives. It reminds me of the words of Oswald Chambers, "When you cannot hear God, you will find that He has trusted you in the most intimate way possible— with absolute silence, not a silence of despair, but one of pleasure, because He saw that you could withstand an even bigger revelation. " The pauses of these days of our marriage has brought me to understand the cost of pursuing this account my days to Him.

A special thanks to Pastor Joseph Tsang of Vision Church who housed me one night and had a great time with some old friends like Norman, Steph and Carrie...the highlight was getting late night Kennedy Fried Chicken and watching U2 Concert videos.

Asian American Laity Ministry
I had the chance to preach at Mid-Hudson Chinese Christian Church and enter into a discussion with them to develop their English ministry. I am approaching them to establish some training and also support for them on a monthly basis starting in January. I am developing a plan with them to build this new direction in their church and recruiting some pastors and advisors to build this ministry. It was such a blessing to be with the leadership who have such a passion and commitment to see this Chinese church develop a legacy with its second and third generation congregation.

A small and growing group of Laity Project partners are building in New York City with several church leaders and also pastors. I am excited to see how God will use this project to empower the lay leaders of the Asian American church. I am still awaiting to work with several parachurches and with seminaries once the funding comes through.

I am also in the midst of doing the transcription for the Asian American Leadership Roundtable but my camcorder broke. I had it sent in for repairs and hope to get it transribed and posted.

Please pray for the vision of this campaign. Pray for wisdom as I am working with the Mid-Hudson Chinese Christian Church to establish and build on the ministry of the English congregation.

Chinese Christian Herald Crusades
I was able serve with the Herald Youth Center for a week and focus on developing a ministry plan with the team. In January, there will be a launch for the Center. The Chinese Christian Herald Crusades is in the midst of closing of a property in Queens that will make a multi-functional community center in the heart of the Chinese ethnic community. I am working with the organization to develop a plan to pursue partnerships with English speaking congregations for this project.

Pray for my role there and also the work that God is doing through CCHC. Pray for focus and to follow after God in the midst of this new venture and that we don't get seduced by the magnitude of the new center but rather pursue the preaching and the living out of the gospel.

OneHouse event is a little over a week away and there is such a momentum of the churches to come to this event for unity and social justice. I am preparing a talk for the evening called, "Paradise Lost: God's Testament of Justice in a Broken World." I will be speaking on Jesus's first sermon in Luke 4:17-19...In this very important message (one of the most important ones I have ever prepared), I am living through an unrealized yearning for myself. I have read and poured over scriptures that speak for our response to the poor, the widows, the orphans, and the oppressed...never had it spoken so deeply into my heart as it has this past week. I watched Hotel Rwanda for the first time last night and saw the profound loss in the world's unspeakable silence in the midst of so much tragedy...and I have this opportunity to join brothers and sisters in uncovering God's plan to uncover this journey to bring hope to the world...

Pray for this event but more importantly for a movement of the Holy Spirit to stir the hearts of our brothers to identify with the poor and to move towards a reality of God's deliverence in the lives of those hurting...

Center for New Americans
I have been volunteering at the Center for New Americans, which is a Syracuse organization that helps to resettle refugees from around the world...It has been so eye-opening as these refugees share their lives with me...I met a woman from Somalia who tells me of her experiences in surviving in the midst of moving from conflict, a young Congolese man who has scars that has not diminished his tender demeanor and polite disposition, and a Liberian woman who has overcome political upheaval to only have to fight and overcome her personal bout with cancer. These lives, these stories have nourished my soul...and have brought me to tears...these men and women who have shattered lives...they not only survive but have the most beautiful smile, to look at me and offer me some of the most geniune laughs as I share jokes with them...Pray for those around the world who are in camps...surviving and wanting to arrive in a destination where there are lives that are released and radiant.

Speaking engagements
Once again the season has begun and I am getting invitations to speak at churches, outreach events, college fellowships and retreats. Here are the venues as of now...
NYU (Intervarsity Christian Fellowship)
Bergen Christian Testimony Church
Reforme Church of Newtown
Penn State (Asian American Christian Fellowship)
Cornell Navigators Fellowship

Praises for Provision
Thank you for your prayers...Jamie and I had our car fixed which cost us $1200 but it was amazing that my speaking engagements and generous friends who have given us love offerings in time of need really helped this month. We have also to find some alternatives towards my dental procedures and found a discounted rate that saved us more than $300. Thank you for your support.

To Financially Support the ministry please send checks (make payable to PaLM) to:
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Wednesday, September 20, 2006


"I go through life as a transient on his way to eternity, made in the image of God but with that image debased, needing to be taught how to meditate, to worship, to think." -Donald Coggan.

I arrive in this week with a great centre of heaviness and levity...thus leading to me a place of contemplation. Faith often arrives to me in moments of surprise. I realize that I am truly a vagrant along this ragged journey of faith. Poor and wretched but with a great sense of God's panaroma of mercy around me. That along this road, I can sense the doting father with His stirring for me to come home. I realize most of the accomplishments, accolades and measures of spiritual success are pale disguise for my heart. The words of Paul Tokunaga remained with me from the Eastern Chinese Bible Conference, "I am not fine." Not fine in my heart. Not fine in my walk. Not fine with the level of love for those who are around. I am just not "fine." And as I finished writing that, I sense this freedom in knowing that I will never be fine but I will always be loved. That is the promise. That is the echo of hope that centuries of pilgrims, saints and martyrs have resonated with. So I arrive this week with that echo that comes from the grind of daily life. Each step comes with it the weight of the day...but also the wonderful horizon of the arms of my savior...bidding me to come home.

Back to the Future...Ministry at Chinese Christian Herald Crusades
After prayer and meditation, I have decided to come back to Chinese Christian Herald Crusades on a part-time basis! I will be serving with Ellen Hwang and her staff at the Herald Youth Center, consulting and training their ministry partners and also develop a ministry strategy for them. I will be at the New York City Chinatown Headquarters for one week out of the month and off-site for a bit. I am excited that I will have an opportunity to serve again at the ministry that started my whole journey of as a servant. I will also work on their team on developing an English website. Please pray that I will have a heart of service to the team and that I will continue my passion for the Chinatown community and that God will be honored in my time there.

Asian American Laity Project (Kleros)
I am planning on following with several individuals who are interested in serving with me on a forming committee and also another group of individuals who are interested in possibly working together to assist in fund devlelopment. I am excited as the momentum for the project is building from the PaLM and IVCF luncheon with Paul Tokunaga. I will be also sending Summer Updates this week! I has been a fruitful summer and I want to proclaim God's goodness in His direction for the project. Pray for provision and for a strong team to come alongside me. I am not good at asking for help and to have people come forward and say "hey, I wanna be part of this Peter Ong..." are like music to my ear.

3rd Asian American Emergent Skypecast
The 3rd Asian American Emergents skypecast will be online Sunday, September 24th, and you’re invited to skype in! The conversation begins at 9:00pm Eastern / 8:00pm Central / 6:00pm Pacific. (Skype DJ Chuang if you run into tech issues.)

This 1-hour monthly skypecast is a safe place to dialogue about topics related to Asian Americans and the emerging/emergent church. The consensus I’m hearing is to focus on one question rather than on three, during the skypecast. So, we’ll aim for that. Right now the only topic at play was suggested by Ben: “Social Justice and the Asian Church — why are Asians so adverse to reaching out to the poor and marginalized?

I am looking forward to being part of this great conversation again!

Exit Wounds Article
I just finished a story for an online Asian American website and it was a lot harder for me to write since it was for a mainstream secular audience...It is about the flight of the second and third generation Asian Americans from the Asian ethnic church and their entrance into mainstream or multi-ethnic churches. I was having such a difficulty with re-entering that writing world and stumbled through it. I pray that the editors will extend grace to me and that when it is posted that God will use it to bring insight for people. Special thanks to those who contributed...Karen, Kara and John Kim, Ben Kong, Vicky and my idol, Joseph Tsang for their contributions.

Speaking Engagements
Now the summer is officially over, I am on the road again preaching! I am preparing my talk for my monthly preaching at the Mid-Hudson Chinese Christian Church. I will be preaching on my favorite parable...yes...the proverbial Prodigal is titled..."Mercy's Call on Distorted Love."I recently received "Communicating for a Change" by Andy Stanley and enjoying his insight on preaching narratives...I am going to use some of the principles for my speaking engagement and see how it goes.

OCTOBER 21, 2006... Unity finds its purpose...I have this unguarded anticipation that God will do a mighty work in the hearts of those who talk will be an exhortation towards mercy and practical well as debunking of the most absurd assumptions about poverty. Check out the OneHouse website for more details. Pray for me and the team as we are preparing. Funding is coming along! HALLELUJAHOOO! Also, I will get to work with Neah Lee who I admire and adore.

Being apart...Pray for my time in the city for one week will not hinder our the midst of all of this, pray that we mutually support each other in where God has called us in this season.

Harvey's wedding
Pray for my brother in Christ, Harvey's wedding. I am excited to be in the wedding party and hoping to connect with him as I am in the city for some time of prayer and preparation for the big day.

Car (putt putt putting along). Repairs cost more than $1,200 for the car...but it is working well and pray that this little expenditure is not a commonplace or we gonna have to be creative in my transportation...

Me and my big mouth...I am going to the dentist for the next several months because of my diagnosis of periodontal disease...they will have to do some deep cleaning, scaling and pull out stuff....arrrgh...pray for my fear and costs!!! Insurance doesn't really cover this! Yikes...but my wifey has been so supportive!

Love you guys! thanks for to you soon.

To Financially Support the ministry please send checks (make payable to PaLM) to:
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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Somewhere in Between

Dear friends and family,

This week of the 5th anniversary of 9/11 caught me off the nation returned to this tragic event I found that the memories of this day haunted me with a renewed verve. On the days following the anniversary have been particularly somber as I remember the details of each of the moments that marked my heart since....

At the very worst I remember the relentless fear and paranoia that pandered to the most unreasonable and general violence. Some regarded their pain by spilling out their hearts in senseless hedonism, grabs for numbing pleasures. illicit sexuality. At the best, I saw a city surging with compassion and love. The moment that defines so much was when I arrived in Chinatown on September prepared to counsel the teens at the youth center, but I discovered that there were hitting the streets bringing donated items to the rescue workers. One of the youth told me, "Peter, there is time to be sad and there is time for hope...remember that the people need us and they need to hear about God..." I sat in silence and prayer for this moment to see how the words of this young teen stirred this vision of holy hope. Beauty for Ashes.

There was a song that stayed with me during this time by Lifehouse called "Somewhere in Between" that verbalized my heart as I wrestled through this collision of grief with doubt, insomnia, escapism, and the worse distraction...the busyness of ministry.

Asian American Laity Project:
I had several meetings with local pastors and it was very encouraging to share our hearts and their insights about the Laity Project. One of the ideas that came from the meetings was the development of a lecture series featuring local and national Asian American leaders for the laity to gain some insight and counsel.

As part of my fund development, I am following up with the attendees of the Paul Tokunaga special luncheon and some people who attended the Asian American Leadership Roundtable at ECBC. I am also working with some local church leaders to discuss forming a committee that will help fundraise and coordinate with me for the project. Please pray for provision according to His timing for this important project. Pray for God to raise up a discerning group of leaders to help serve on this committee.

I went to Dentist office for the first time in ___ years and it turns out that I have periodontal disease and have to have some extensive work done on my teeth. The cost is close to $2,500 and we are trusting that th is my first step towards having healthy teeth.

Last week in our trip back to NYC, Jamie and I had a pretty bad flat but we were blessed to be near a mechanic and we had to get our tires changed. This week I am going to get our car fixed and we are hoping to take care of an existing problem. Pray that it will not cost too much and these unexpected costs are taking its toll.

Please pray for Jamie as she is starting her first semester at Maxwell School where she will get a dual degree with her College of Environmental Science and Forestry studies. She is working hard to finish the degree so we can get our lives started on our next stage. Pray for her as she seeks counsel and that I would be a good support to her efforts.

thank you for reading and praying.

To Financially Support the ministry please send checks (make payable to PaLM) to:
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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Cloudy Witnesses

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Welcome to another edition and prayer update. This has been a vibrant week of incredible moments of clarity and affirmation the work that God is doing in the Asian American church. I was especially encouraged for the direction of the ministry and nourishment for myself personally this past week.

As I was driving to NYC on Thursday night from Grace Christian Fellowship (see below for more on that) at Cornell, I was praying for the upcoming days for Labor Day weekend at Eastern Chinese Bible Conference (ECBC). I knew that there was a decisive moment to see a hint of what I wanted to do with the Asian American Laity Project. I had planned these programs with the expectation of raising the support for the project.

I the agenda was the Friday joint Intervarsity and Pastoral and Laity Ministries luncheon with Paul Tokunaga with pastors and laity. Then there was Asian American Laity Roundtable on the first day at ECBC. And as I drove, I was stirred by a holy imagination for an Asian American church marching towards victory...and this week...was just that...there was light in the darkness; hidden wounds were pierced by authenticity, tears, brokenness, honesty, and visions of hope. These cloudy witnesses were beginning to speak and create vocabulary for the state of the Asian American church and there was healing.

Fund Development
This week was a promising sign as support came in steadily. I was really encouraged by the support cards and the notes that people have written to me. I am so thankful for the prayer of these supporters and I am pressing forth. Someone approached me and asked me how is my funding coming along and I had a very poor and unthankful response...Jamie reminded me that my heart was not in the right place. God is providing. He is working and most importantly, His timing is perfect. I trust in Him and I trust His people. I am learning to love this process because in it, I am forced to wait and I am being that His name will be proclaimed in all the nations. I will be meeting with some pastors this coming weekend to discuss the project and to get their feedback and their response for an invitation for partnership.

One of the best aspect of this waiting has been a time for me to cultivate the vision of this Pastoral and Laity Ministries Asian American Laity Project. Through this time, I have had the opportunity to listen to the hearts of other leaders and servants who are serving with such devotion. I am growing in affection for the church and yearning for the fullness of the impact of what God wants to do through this.

Eastern Chinese Bible Conference (ECBC)
In 1998, I attended ECBC and it changed my life with messages by Bruce Fong that called us to a commitment to Christ. At that ECBC I met a sister Alice who brought me to a Redeemer Church smallgroup, where I was challenged in fellowship and supported me as I took the first tentative steps as called me into full-time professional ministry at Chinese Christian Herald Crusades. It was an instrumental conference and after two years of not attending, it was great to be back and to see how the conference had grown. To my joy, the youth I worked with years ago at Teen Eastern Chinese Bible Conference are now adults! I was challenged by Paul Tokunaga's messages and was nurtured by the community of others who have suffered and love the Asian American church. Here was some highlights:

* Asian American Leadership Roundtable
I facilitated a roundtable with DJ Chuang (L2 Foundation), Greg Jao (IVCF), Anna Lee (IVCF), Glennis Lo (EPIC), David Park (Asian American Blogger extraordinaire), Paul Tokunaga, and Lisa Yu (IVCF). About 35 people took time out of their freetime to "eavesdrop" on our conversation dealing with the Asian American church and the challenges of first and second generations ministries. I was amazed by the scope of the discussion and some of the hopes for the future and some exciting things that a new generation of believers are undertaking. I really enjoyed meeting David Park and DJ Chuang for the first time and we had an impromptu podcast/roundtable with Jamie, Anna Lee and Intervarsity volunteer Ho-Tay Ma, but unfortunately, our beloved Dave Park accidentally erased it...and lost all the glorious moments of our conversation (especially part when "someone" flushed the toilet in the middle of our convo).

* Workshop
I did a workshop entitled "Because the Bible Says So" and other ways of alienating seekers. It was a great time of serving and teaching some ways of ministry that challenges the status quo of evangelism and debunking some of the tools we use. Great responses from the participants and I learned and was blessed by their sharing.

There were many moments I was able to counsel and hear the broken hearts of God's people. There was weeping...there was curiosity of how to live out this ragged faith...and I had improvised workshops on dating, marriage and of course ministry and the state of the Asian American church. Overall, it was an amazing time of serving this conference that has poured so much into my life. Pray for the future of the conference and that God will raise up need leaders for it to thrive and flourish for His name.

Pastoral and Laity Ministries/Intervarsity Christian Fellowship luncheon with Paul Tokunaga
Over 60 Pastors and leaders of the Tri-state area came together to hear Paul Tokunaga share about Level 5 Leadership for the church. It was a great partnered event and as a continuation, it was a talk that served the lay leaders a great deal and it gave me a picture of what the network/fellowship for Asian American Laity Project can look like. There were ministry representatives from IVCF, Campus Crusades, and Chinese Christian Herald Crusades. Jane Hyun, the author of "Breaking the Bamboo Ceiling" made an appearance. Overall it was a great opportunity to meet over food and exchange our hearts for the Asian American church.

Partnership with ISAAC
As part of the Laity Project, I am exploring some possibilities of partnership with the Institute of Asian American Christianity. They are developing a similar vision for the Laity and ministry that is committed to a "...Christ-centered faith and calling must be integrated with Asian American cultures and identities. This is a crucial element in the life-long journey of following Jesus towards Christian maturity and wholeness. It is an important way to embody God’s fullness in the world." Pray for wisdom and guidance as we seek a partnership together.

Grace Christian Fellowship (Asian American Intervarsity Christian Fellowship at Cornell)
Jamie and I had our first meeting at the Grace Christian Fellowship at Cornell. I will be serving as a volunteer staff with Intervarsity focusing on the Executive Team (see pictured). Please pray for unity and vision for the team and my role to serve them. They are a great group of young people and infused with holy passion.

Mid-Hudson Chinese Christian Church
I will be preaching at MHCCC at the end of the month and also having a meeting with their leadership to discuss ways they are forming their English ministries. I am excited to be part of this and wanting to serve them on this very wonderful journey of a growing generation of a church.

OneHouse 2006
I am being challenged as I prepare my talk on October 21 Asian American unity worship night of One House. As I prepare and develop a vision for our call for social justice. I am excited to work with musician Neah Lee and also with sponsors Bread and Water and World Vision. My talk will focus on the book of Isaiah and Jesus's ministry on earth. The talk will be focus on the inclusiveness of the gospel to reach the outsiders so that it points to an exclusive God. Please pray for the team as we are under a great spiritual weight and doubt for finances for this event. But we ploughing forth to honor God's vision for unity and justice. I am really excited for what God will do through the worship, through Neah and talk.

Article for Asian Avenue website
I am writing a feature article for Asian Avenue website called Exit Wounds: The Disconnected Asian American Faith" about the malaise of young professional Asian American who have left church and discovering a new pursuit of meaning in a post-college era. I wanted to write about conversations regarding faith and why this group of Asian American young men and women don't find church a place of community and discovery towards a discourse on broader issues of life. Interviews with church leaders, congregations, post-moderns, college campus ministries and clergy will offer some insight on the spiritual landscapes of this population. I will also like to profile some churches on both coasts to discuss what are some churches doing to effectively reverse this trend of flight from the Asian American ethnic church. I will profile New York City churches and West Coast churches as well. This will offer a compelling and intimate look at the state of this generation's pilgrimage towards faith. Keep an eye out for it.

Jamie and I just completed Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University at Syracuse Alliance Church that helped us to think through our financial planning. We are so blessed by this course and would recommend that anyone who is still struggling with finances, debt and anxiousness regarding finances this is a great course for you to take. We feel that it was God's grace that directed us to learn this very early in our marriage. Pray for us in this period of time to focus our role as stewards of what God has given us.

Pray for our church community as we are seeking a home for us to serve and to find authentic community where we are challenged and lifted.

Thanks for reading...I know it was long but I hope it was worth it.